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  1. Alite 27 is isoxaflutole (Balance Flexx) repackaged and labeled for preemergence use in LL-GT27 soybeans, minus the safener, cyprosulfamide, which protects corn from injury.  The LL-GT27 soybean has resistance to glyphosate, glufosinate, and isoxaflutole, and is the only type of soybean that can be used with Alite 27.

    Issue: 2022-05
  2. Sometimes you’d like the s**t to stop hitting the fan just long enough to get cleaned up, but you can’t get a break. Like when you’re in the middle of an endless pandemic, a worldwide shipping fiasco, herbicide scarcities and price increases, and parts shortages. And just when you had it worked out to use Enlist herbicides on Enlist soybeans for 2022 so you wouldn’t have to deal with dicamba, their use is no longer legal in your county.

    Issue: 2022-02
  3. The USEPA recently reapproved use of Engenia and XtendiMax on Xtend and XtendiFlex soybeans, with modifications to address concerns about off-target movement.  Summary of current situation follows:

    - While the previous labels for these products listed all of the typical uses of dicamba that are found on most dicamba labels aside from soybeans, these two products are now approved for use only on dicamba-resistant soybeans – Xtend and XtendiFlex. 

    Issue: 2020-38