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  1. Author(s): David Dugan

    It doesn’t seem very long ago that we were first getting information about SB 150, and what it might mean to our farming operation. At that time there was no urgency because we didn’t have to have this until September of 2017.

    There have been many opportunities to get certified since then. In fact, there have been over 17,250 people certified in Ohio in the past 3 years by OSU Extension. There are still a few opportunities to become certified through a 3-hour training class before the September 30 deadline, however they are becoming fewer. There is no an age limit.

    Issue: 2017-29
  2. Author(s): Mary Ann Rose

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a minimum age (18) and stricter standards for certifying applicators of restricted use pesticides (RUPs).   For commercial applicators in Ohio, there is no distinction between RUP and non-RUP users, hence these new proposals potentially affect the certification and recertification of all licensed commercial pesticide applicators in Ohio whether or not they actually use restricted use pesticides. Private applicators are only required to be licensed in Ohio if they use RUPs. 

    Issue: 2015-36
  3. New regulations for manure and fertilizer application started on July 3, 2015 when Senate Bill Number 1 came into effect. The legislation affects nitrogen and phosphorus application whether applied as manure or granular fertilizers. Parts of the regulations are targeted specifically to define watersheds that encompass the Western Basin of Lake Erie while one provision is effective statewide.

    Issue: 2015-20
  4. Author(s): Peggy Hall , Author(s): Glen Arnold, CCA

    Ohio’s legislature passed a bill intended to control algae production in Lake Erie and its western basin. The law will regulate manure and fertilizer applications in the watersheds of the western basin of Lake Erie. The effective date of this new law is June 21, 2015.

    The final bill contains the following provisions:

    Fertilizer application restrictions in the western basin

    For applications of fertilizer in the western basin, a person may not apply fertilizer, defined as nitrogen or phosphorous, under these conditions:

    Issue: 2015-07
  5. The Ohio Department of Agriculture has begun issuing the new Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator Certification cards. Those who attended the September, 2014 educational programs in Archbold, Findlay and Paulding should have already or will soon receive a mailing with a certificate for those who already have a Pesticide Applicator License or a bill for the $30 fee if you did not have a Pesticide License. People attending other programs will be getting information over the next few weeks.

    Issue: 2015-02
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