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  1. Poultry Litter Pile
    Author(s): Glen Arnold, CCA

    Stockpiles of poultry litter can be seen in farm fields across Ohio. While common each year in wheat stubble fields, there are also stockpiles showing up in preventative plant fields. Poultry litter is an excellent source of plant nutrients and readily available in most parts of the state.

    Issue: 2019-26
  2. Author(s): Glen Arnold, CCA

    The 2019 North American Manure Expo is being held on July 31st and August 1st at Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana. This event is a great opportunity to see new manure technology, gain knowledge through educational sessions, and see equipment being demonstrated.

    The Expo kicks off on Wednesday, July 31st with tours in the morning followed by liquid manure agitation demonstrations, special industry presentations, and the trade show in the afternoon.

    Issue: 2019-23
  3. Author(s): Glen Arnold, CCA

    Livestock producers across the state are dealing with manure storages that are extremely full. Wet weather last fall, poor winter conditions for manure application, and a wet spring will have many livestock producers needing to apply manure and plant crops at the same time when fields become suitable.

    Liquid dairy and swine manure can be applied to both newly planted corn and soybean fields. If applied while the seed is protected by a layer of soil, both corn and soybeans will emerge through surface applied manure.

    Issue: 2019-13
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