C.O.R.N. Newsletter Articles

  1. Podcast has new webpage link
    Author(s): Amanda Douridas

    The Agronomy and Farm Management Podcast has been releasing new episodes every other week since May 2018 and is set to release its 29th episode next Wednesday. To make it easier for listeners to find past episodes, the podcast has a new landing page at

    Issue: 2019:18
  2. printer friendly version

    Many folks want a printed version of C.O.R.N. newsletter to print and share. With the new email distribution, there is an extra step to get a printer friendly version of the newsletter. Use the following steps:

    1)      Go to the link

    2)      Look in the right hand column of the webpage for the red button that says “Printer Friendly Version” and put your curser over the button and click.

    Issue: 2016-05
  3. Author(s): Amanda Douridas

    You probably noticed the new format of the C.O.R.N. newsletter in our last issue. The College has been updating all websites over the last couple of years for better security and functionality. While the template options were limited, we tried to make the website as user friendly as possible, helping you get to the information you want faster. The newsletter is now a tab on the main AgCrops webpage rather than its own website.

    Issue: 2016-1
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