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  1. Author(s): Matt Kleinhenz

    A large and increasing number of agronomic, forage, and specialty (horticultural) crop producers use or are interested in microbe-containing crop biostimulants advertised to enhance crop growth, perhaps especially under sub-optimal conditions. These inoculants are applied as a seed treatment, soil amendment (e.g., during transplanting and irrigation), or, less often, foliar spray. Inoculating crops with potentially beneficial microbes is a very long-standing practice but much has changed in recent years.

    Issue: 2018-06
  2. Author(s): Peter Thomison , Author(s): Allen Geyer , Author(s): Bruce Clevenger, CCA

    What is “food grade” corn?

    Issue: 2016-40
  3. Author(s): David Marrison

    Even though it is wintertime in Northeast Ohio, there is still plenty of action going on in our county’s agriculture industry.  Over the past two weeks, miscanthus harvest has begun in Northeast, Ohio.  Early reports are that nearly 350 acres (or almost 10%) of the area’s harvest has been completed thus far.  Due to the milder winter, the 2016 harvest of miscanthus is nearly five weeks ahead of last yea

    Issue: 2016-04
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