Organic and non-GMO

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  1. Author(s): Eric Richer, CCA

    Is your farming operation looking for alternatives to commodity corn and soybeans?

    Issue: 2020-05
  2. Author(s): Peter Thomison , Author(s): Rich Minyo , Author(s): Allen Geyer

    According to the USDA-Economic Research Service in 2016, 86% of Ohio’s corn acreage was planted to transgenic corn hybrids with 66% of total acreage planted to stacked trait hybrids ( Some corn growers want to grow non-GMO corn or transgenic hybrids with fewer traits to reduce seed costs. Others want to take advantage of the premiums offered for non-GMO corn.

    Issue: 2016-40
  3. Author(s): Peter Thomison , Author(s): Allen Geyer , Author(s): Bruce Clevenger, CCA

    What is “food grade” corn?

    Issue: 2016-40
  4. Author(s): Peter Thomison

    As the commodity price for corn has dropped during the past two years, there has been greater interest among some growers in producing non-GMO corn for a premium. According to the USDA-ERS ( 86% of Ohio’s corn acreage in 2014 was planted to transgenic (GMO) corn.

    Issue: 2015-04
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