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  1. Author(s): Andy Michel , Author(s): Reed Johnson

    Although soybean aphids remain at low levels in Ohio, we are aware that many growers are adding insecticides to spray tanks when applying fungicides for plant health purposes and even late applications of herbicides because: “Well, I’m going over the field anyway so I thought I’d add an insecticide for insurance purposes! The insecticide is relatively cheap and soybeans are worth so much!” As we have always stated, we do NOT recommend this practice, and feel an IPM approach is much better for everyone and everything, including the environment.

    Issue: 2016-23
  2. Author(s): Peter Thomison

    Tassel Ears” (Figure 1) are showing up in corn fields around Ohio. Corn is the only major field crop characterized by separate male and female flowering structures, the tassel and ear, respectively. In most corn fields it is not unusual to find a few scattered plants with a combination tassel and ear in the same structure - a "tassel ear". The ear portion of this tassel ear structure usually contains only a limited number of kernels.

    Issue: 2016-23
  3. Author(s): Peter Thomison

    Editor's Note:  This is a synopsis of the article last week from Peter Thomison, with the pictures attached.  I've included a bit of the information to "explain" the images, but if you want "The Whole Story," please refer to last week's CORN Newsletter (2016-20).



    Issue: 2016-21
  4. Author(s): Peter Thomison

    According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service  for the week ending 7-10-16, 7% of the state’s corn was silking compared to 17% for the  5-year average. Given the range in corn planting dates this year, some late planted (corn planted in early-mid June corn) may not achieve tasselling and silking until late July. The pollination period, the flowering stage in corn, is the most critical period in the development of a corn plant from the standpoint of grain yield determination.

    Issue: 2016-20
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