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  1. Author(s): Amber Emmons, CCA , Author(s): Rachel Cochran, CCA

    We are now only three weeks away from Ohio State University Extension’s Water Quality Team field day: Cover Crop ‘Til You Drop! View the video below for more information about this conservation-focused field day.

    Issue: 2024-22
  2. Author(s): Nic Baumer , Author(s): Vinayak Shedekar

    Drainage installation, drainage water recycling, and soil health will be the focus of a field day being held on Wednesday, July 24, 2024, beginning at 9 a.m. at The Ohio State University at Lima.

    Issue: 2024-22
  3. dry fertilizer applicator

    Soil available and added phosphorus (P) nutrient impacts Ohio's crop production and environment. Fertilizer P can increase crop yields. Yet, excessive P can have negative impacts on water quality, resulting in toxic algal blooms. To properly calibrate the use of P for maximum crop yield efficiency and environmental safety, it is important to monitor P use trends, understand the changes to P recommendations from 1995 to today, review changes in soil test phosphorus (STP), and identify the sources of P used.

    Issue: 2024-02
  4. Join the Ohio State University Extension Water Quality Team for a field day sponsored by The Nature Conservancy on Thursday, July 20th, 2023. The event is being held in collaboration with Michigan State University Extension, USDA-ARS, and Cargill. This field day, held near New Bavaria, Ohio, will feature four breakout sessions and a keynote speaker focusing on design, implementation, and results from projects looking at different conservation practices.

    Issue: 2023-17



    Issue: 2021-27


What's the Beef with Livestock and Soil Health? - March 7, 2024 Soil Health Webinar Series
What's the Beef with Soil Health? Webinar Recorded 3-7-2024



What's the Beef with Soil Health? Webinar Recorded 3-7-2024
What's the Beef with Soil Health? Webinar Recorded 3-7-2024



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