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Soil and Water Management

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  1. Join the Ohio State University Extension Water Quality Team for a field day sponsored by The Nature Conservancy on Thursday, July 20th, 2023. The event is being held in collaboration with Michigan State University Extension, USDA-ARS, and Cargill. This field day, held near New Bavaria, Ohio, will feature four breakout sessions and a keynote speaker focusing on design, implementation, and results from projects looking at different conservation practices.

    Issue: 2023-17



    Issue: 2021-27
  3. Cover crop mix

    The Woodruff Farm will host a special Ohio No-Till program on Friday August 27th at 3143 E. US 36, Urbana OH. John Fulton will lead off at 1:00 pm with “Precision Planting in No-till.” He is an OSU Agricultural Engineer and a native of Miami County. OSU is testing/demonstrating the newest technology on planters.

    Issue: 2021-28
  4. Research measuring nutrient losses from surface and subsurface drainage in Ohio indicates that not all fields contribute equally to various water quality issues. Fields with higher than average potential losses have some characteristics observed during everyday field activities or when working with agronomic records.

    Issue: 2019-07
  5. Soil Temperatures and Accumulated GDD

    Average 2 inch soil temperatures and accumulated Growing Degrees Days (GDD) from select OARDC Weather Station locations are shown. Based on current accumulated GDD (Table 1) we would expect corn April 12 planting prior to April 30 to be emerged or emerging soon.

    Issue: 2018-12
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