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  1. Frost burnt wheat
    Author(s): Steve Culman , Author(s): John Fulton , Author(s): Jason Hartschuh, CCA , Author(s): Elizabeth Hawkins , Author(s): Eric Richer, CCA

    Improving soil health (SH) can provide a variety of benefits including improved water infiltration, increased water holding capacity, and increased nutrient availability. However, it can be challenging to quantify these benefits in the field.

    Issue: 2020-11
  2. Co-Author:  Vinayak Shedekar, Postdoctoral Researcher OSU

    Issue: 2019-09
  3. Image result for photo of solvita respiration testCo-Author:  Vinayak Shedekar, Postdoctoral Researcher OSU

    Issue: 2019-08
  4. The Haney test was developed by Rick Haney of United States Department of Agriculture-Ag Research Service in Temple, Texas. 

    Issue: 2019-07

    Issue: 2018-41
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