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Soybean Disease

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  1. Figure 1. Foliar symptoms of red crown rot. Image Credit:  N. Kleczewski.

    Red crown rot (RCR) is a soybean disease caused by the soilborne fungus Calonectria ilicicola that is spreading to parts of the Midwest. There have been no confirmed reports of RCR in Ohio, but it has been detected in Kentucky and Illinois. Soybean growers should stay vigilant when scouting fields as RCR can be easily confused with other soybean diseases that cause similar foliar symptoms.

    Issue: 2023-28
  2. Dr. Carl Bradley

    University of Kentucky Extension Specialist Dr. Carl Bradley recently sat down with us to answer our questions on frogeye leaf spot of soybean. Dr. Bradley is a featured speaker at this year’s Conservation Tillage Conference at Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio on March 14-15.

    Issue: 2023-06
  3. In August we started finding soybean diseases in Ohio. Recently, several fields in Ohio have been showing foliar symptoms (Fig. 1) very similar to those caused by sudden death syndrome (SDS).   

    Issue: 2022 - 30
  4. Roots from plants exhibiting flooding symptoms
    Author(s): Anne Dorrance

    Flooding injury occurs when soils are saturated for several days and anoxia develops.  The roots are killed, as are the nodules that are home to the nitrogen fixing bacteria. The field has an “interesting’ smell but the key symptoms of this injury are on the roots. Dig up a few plants – if it is flooding injury the outside of the root – the epidermis will be easily pulled off the root leaving the white center – looks like rat tails (Figure 1). In addition, the nodules will be gray and easily crushed.

    Issue: 2021-23
  5. Author(s): Anne Dorrance

    Sclerotinia stem rot – The nights have been cool this growing season, even when the days were very warm.

    Issue: 2020-27


  1. Managing Soybean Rust, Bulletin SR2008. Publication covers specifics of soybean rust identification and  management. General section of the publication cover the use of fungicide sin general for disease control including description of products and their activity, application information and modes of action.

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