Soybean Harvest

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  1. Author(s): Elizabeth Hawkins


    Issue: 2019-41
  2. Flooded Field
    Author(s): Elizabeth Hawkins , Author(s): John Fulton , Author(s): Aaron Wilson , Author(s): Ben Brown , Author(s): Anne Dorrance

    By: CFAES Ag Crisis Taskforce

    Issue: 2019-39
  3. Combining Soybeans
    Author(s): Ken Ford , Author(s): Nathan Douridas, CCA

    According to Nick Zachrich, the 57th Annual Farm Science Review saw attendance numbers with Tuesday 40,200, Wednesday 50,790 and Thursday 23,600 with a total attendance of 114,590.  The weather for the event was sunny, dry with above normal temperatures. 

    Issue: 2019 - 32
  4. Author(s): Anne Dorrance

    Based on my trip across the state on Saturday, it is clear harvest has started.  A couple of things to keep track of as the combines run across the fields:

    Issue: 2018-33
  5. Author(s): Laura Lindsey

    We’ve received a few pictures from around the state of green soybean pods splitting and also seed sprouting out of pods. While it is not uncommon to see pre-harvest pod shatter just prior to harvest due to re-wetting of dry pods, the pictures we’ve received have been of soybeans at the R6 growth stage.  Soybean sprouting. Photo credit: Amanda Douridas

    Issue: 2018-31
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