Soybean Insects

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  1. Author(s): Amy Raudenbush , Author(s): Andy Michel , Author(s): Kelley Tilmon

    Additional authors: Marcus McCartney

    Issue: 2018-12
  2. Author(s): Anne Dorrance , Author(s): Terry Niblack

    Over the course of the next year, you will hear much about the pest, soybean cyst nematode.  No stranger to Ohio, since the 1980’s, farmers in Ohio have been monitoring this pest.  The first surveys, early 1990’s, SCN occurred sporadically in the state but some populations were very high.  In a survey of fields in southern Ohio, high populations of SCN were found in fields where yields were consistently low.  One of the more recent check-off funded projects, identified that more fields than 20 years ago has SCN.  Among the 143 fields sampled at a depth of 6 to 8 inches in 51 counties in Ohi

    Issue: 2018-07
  3. Author(s): Andy Michel , Author(s): Kelley Tilmon

    By now, most of us are familiar with the brown marmorated stink bug, the new invasive stink bug that feeds on soybean, corn, fruits and vegetables.  As the cool weather returns over the next few weeks, we will see BMSB come into homes—and infestations can be large.  They will spend the winter as adults in homes, emerging once temperatures warm in the spring.

    Issue: 2017-32
  4. Bean leaf beetle variation
    Author(s): Kelley Tilmon , Author(s): Andy Michel


    Issue: 2017-27
  5. Soybean aphids
    Author(s): Andy Michel , Author(s): Kelley Tilmon

    We have heard reports of growers spotting a few soybean aphids in their fields. Finding aphids at this time of year is consistent in the past—we have seen them arrive later and later. We do have a lot of late-planted soybean that are in R4 or R5 stage soybean. Remember that our economic threshold to treat soybean aphids is a rising population of 250 aphids per plant. But also remember that, at higher growth stages (>R6) the threshold increases dramatically. At this point it is important to note that none of the fields in Ohio have reached treatable levels.

    Issue: 2017-26


  1. 01/2011

    Control of Insect Pests of Field Crops, Bulletin 545. Gives detailed information on pest control thresholds and insecticide options for management of insects in corn, soybean, wheat and alfalfa.

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