C.O.R.N. Newsletter

  1. Author(s): Laura Lindsey

    According to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, 66% of soybean acreage in Ohio was planted by May 23. As soybean planting continues into June, consider row spacing, seeding rate, and relative maturity adjustments.

    Row spacing. The row spacing for June planting should be 7.5 to 15 inches, if possible. Row width should be narrow enough for the soybean canopy to completely cover the interrow space by the time the soybeans begin to flower. The later in the growing season soybeans are planted, the greater the yield increase due to narrow rows.

    Issue: 16-2021
  2. Soybean
    Author(s): Laura Lindsey


    With funding from United Soybean Board, soybean agronomists across the U.S. are hosting a ‘Notes from the Field’ webinar series the first Friday of each month beginning May 7. Join research and extension specialists from Land Grant institutions for monthly informal discussion on production topics of timely relevance. Bring your questions!

    Issue: 12-2021
  3. Author(s): Mary Griffith , Author(s): Amanda Douridas , Author(s): Laura Lindsey

    The Agronomic Crops Team will host a virtual Corn College and Soybean School on February 11, 2021. Corn College is in the morning, from 9:00 – 12:00pm, with Soybean School in the afternoon from 1:00-4:00pm. Each program will feature updates from OSU Specialists. CCA CEUs are available. The schedule for the day is as follows:

    Corn College, 9:00am-12:00pm

    Issue: 2021-03
  4. Author(s): Eric Richer, CCA

    The annual Northwest Ohio Corn & Soybean Day will be held in a 100% virtual format this Thursday, January 21, 2021. Pre-registration is mandatory as you must have the Zoom link to participate. Please register by 5 pm today at www.go.osu.edu/cornsoybeanday2021. During registration, you will have the option to sign up for either the morning 8:00-11:00 am session or the evening 6:00-9:00 pm session. Attending the complete program will qualify for Ohio Fertilizer Re-certification (a.k.a.

    Issue: 2021-02
  5. Author(s): Laura Lindsey , Author(s): Allen Geyer

    The purpose of the Ohio Soybean Performance Trials is to evaluate soybean varieties for yield and other agronomic characteristics. This evaluation gives soybean producers comparative information for selecting the best varieties for their unique production systems.

    Issue: 2020-39
  6. Author(s): Laura Lindsey , Author(s): Allen Geyer

    Yield results from Clinton County have been added to the 2020 Ohio Soybean Performance Trial available online: https://stepupsoy.osu.edu/soybean-production/variety-selection/ohio-soybean-performance-trial

    Issue: 2020-37
  7. Author(s): Laura Lindsey , Author(s): Allen Geyer

    Henry County and Preble County results of the 2020 Ohio Soybean Performance Trials are available online here: https://stepupsoy.osu.edu/news/ohio-soybean-performance-trials-henry-co-and-preble-co-yield-results Results from the other trial locations will be added as harvest and data analysis continues.

    Issue: 2020-36
  8. Author(s): Laura Lindsey

    As small grains are harvested across the state, here are some management considerations for double-crop soybean production:

    Issue: 2020-20
  9. Author(s): Laura Lindsey

    Across the state, soybean growth and development is variable, ranging from early vegetative stages to flowering. However, there has been some confusion regarding the identification of the VC and V1 growth stages. This confusion is mostly due to two definitions of V1…that actually mean the same thing. The Fehr and Caviness Method (1977) is based on the number of nodes that have a fully developed leaf, whereas Pederson (2009) focuses more on leaf unrolling so that the leaf edges are no longer touching.

    Issue: 2020-19
  10. Author(s): Alexander Lindsey

    Additional authors: Andrew Evans, OSU Horticulture & Crop Science and John Armstrong, Ohio Seed Improvement Association

    Issue: 2020-01