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  1. Author(s): Aaron Wilson

    Frost/Freeze Summary

    The National Weather Service Frost/Freeze program has ended for the season as many areas have experienced 1-2 hard freezes (28°F) over the last three weeks.

    Issue: 2020-38
  2. Author(s): Aaron Wilson

    Much of Ohio experienced frost or freeze conditions this past Friday and/or Saturday night. In fact, many locations dropped below 30°F (Table 1), with unofficial observations as cold as 26°F! How does this compare to typical first freeze dates?

    Sample of minimum overnight lows from across Ohio this week

    Issue: 2020-36
  3. Author(s): Jim Noel

    Areas of frost have occurred in parts of Ohio in late September to early October but the pattern is about to switch again toward a warmer and drier pattern for a decent part of October.

    October Outlook

    Issue: 2020-34
  4. Author(s): Jim Noel

    The cooler than normal blob of water in the eastern Pacific Ocean near the equator tends to push the first autumn freeze later than normal in our region. Therefore, there is no indication of an early freeze in September this year. It appears the first freeze for Ohio will not come until October either on schedule or a bit later than normal.

    Map of Pacific Ocean

    Issue: 2020-29
  5. Author(s): Aaron Wilson

    Midwest Derecho

    Issue: 2020-27
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