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  1. Total precipitation for January 9 – 16, 2024 Figure courtesy of the Midwestern Regional Climate Center.
    Author(s): Aaron Wilson

    For Ohio, December 2023 ranks as the 2nd warmest December on record since 1895 and caps off the 4th warmest year on record over that same period. Dry weather was also the main story in December, ranking as the 45th driest December on record and continued a pattern we experienced over much of the fall. However, even with a weather pattern that typically brings a drier and warmer than average conditions in winter, cold outbreaks are bound to happen.

    Issue: 2024-02
  2. Author(s): Aaron Wilson


    Fall (September – November) 2023 ranks as the 13th driest fall on record for Ohio (1895-2023). This same dry pattern, along with warmer than average temperatures have continued through the first half of December (Figure 1). Temperatures through December 18th are running 1-3°F above average across southern Ohio and 3-6°F above average across our northern counties.

    Issue: 2023-42
  3. Author(s): Laura Lindsey , Author(s): Allen Geyer , Author(s): Fabiano Colet

    In July, we wrote an article reporting hail damage to soybean and corn in Preble County, Ohio ( (Figure 1). As a reminder, soybean plants were at approximately the R2 (full flower) growth stage, and corn was at late vegetative stages to early reproductive stages (R1) when the damage occurred.

    Issue: 2023-41
  4. Climate Prediction Center 8-14 Day Outlook valid for October 24 -30, 2023, for left) temperatures and right) precipitation. Colors represent the probability of below, normal, or above normal conditions.
    Author(s): Aaron Wilson


    Issue: 2023-36
  5. Author(s): Aaron Wilson

    Ask around and most folks will agree that it has been a peculiar summer when it comes to the weather. Most headlines point out the heat, from Florida to the desert southwest, as the globe just experienced its warmest July on record (1850-2023).

    Issue: 2023-28
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