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  1. 16-day rainfall outlook
    Author(s): Jim Noel

    After a cool spring, we are playing catch up fast with a warm June. June will end up being 1-3 degrees above normal with rainfall 50-100% of normal. The warm weather will continue for the rest of the summer. Maximum temperatures will likely be 1-3 degrees above normal in July. However, overnight temperatures will be even warmer, some 3-6 degrees above normal. Expect high temperatures in July to commonly be in the 85-95 range with overnight temperatures in the 65-75 degree range. 

    Issue: 2020-20
  2. Figure 1: Multi-sensor observed month-to-date precipitation ending on June 22, 2020. Figure from the Midwestern Regional Climate Center (
    Author(s): Aaron Wilson

    Things change quickly when it comes to weather and climate. Recall 2019, a record wet start to the year for many across Ohio, only to see 26% of the state enveloped in moderate drought conditions by October. Though not nearly as wet as last year, it has been wetter than average through the first five months of 2020.

    Issue: 2020-19
  3. Author(s): Aaron Wilson

    After a long period of cold spring temperatures, the last couple of weeks have generally been above average by a degree or two in southeast Ohio to more than four degrees above average in north-central and northeast Ohio. Precipitation has usually been light during this time as well (less than 2 inches) except in a few heavier pockets across southern and eastern Ohio (Figure 1).

    Issue: 2020-17
  4. Author(s): Jim Noel

    Our attention now turns to the summer growing season and what is in store. Some things are different this summer.

    Issue: 2020-15
  5. cool temps
    Author(s): Aaron Wilson

    Temperatures in April were about 2-5°F below the long-term mean (1981-2010; Figure 1-Left) and included three major freeze events that brought some horticultural damage across southern counties and scattered minor reports of burned tips on alfalfa and wheat.

    Issue: 2020-12
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