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  1. Author(s): Jim Noel

    Above normal temperatures and precipitation will rule July

    Even though it has gotten a little drier recently, the pattern around a big high pressure to the west and south of Ohio favors a warm and humid July with rain chances. However, there will be swings in the the pattern from week to week.

    The first week of July will offer a very warm and humid pattern with increasing rain chances.

    Week 2 will offer a cooler pattern but with continued rain chances.

    Week 3 and 4 will return to above normal temperatures and rainfall near normal.

    Issue: 2019:20
  2. Weather Map
    Author(s): Jim Noel

    Wet conditions into July will impact additional planting but also harvesting crops. This includes wheat and hay.

    There is not much change from last week's thinking. Overall, we expect above normal rainfall for the rest of June and likely into parts of July.

    Rainfall for the next two weeks will average 2-5 inches which are 100-250% of normal. Isolated totals will exceed 6 inches.

    Issue: 2019:18
  3. Author(s): Alexander Lindsey , Author(s): Peter Thomison

    Persistent rains during May and early June have resulted in ponding and saturated soils in many Ohio corn fields and led to questions concerning what impact these conditions will have on corn performance.

    Issue: 2019:17
  4. Author(s): Jim Noel

    After a cool and wet period for April as expected we still expect a turn toward warmer weather for May along with more normal rainfall.

    The outlook for the next two weeks going into early May, rainfall is forecast to average 1-3 inches with normal being 1.75-2.00 inches so we are expecting near normal rainfall on average, see attached image. There will be periods of dry weather and wet weather over the next two weeks.

    Issue: 2019-10
  5. Author(s): Jim Noel

    As discussed last week, we are in a more active weather pattern now that will last the rest of April. We expect a storm system every 3-4 days. Overall, rainfall events will be classified as moderate in nature. But with the high frequency we expect rain for the rest of April to be slightly above normal. As shown on the attached 2-week rainfall graphic, expect 1.5-3 inches of rain for the most part for the rest of April.

    Issue: 2019-09
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