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  1. Author(s): Aaron Wilson


    Issue: 2021-28
  2. Author(s): Aaron Wilson


    Issue: 2021-26
  3. Author(s): Aaron Wilson

    After a cool start to June, temperatures have been running 4-10°F above average over the last 10 days. The airmass was quite a bit more humid as well, with numerous “gully washers” across the state.

    Issue: 2021-18
  4. Author(s): Aaron Wilson , Author(s): Greg LaBarge, CPAg/CCA

    Soil temperatures continued to warm this week despite considerable variability in air temperatures (Fig. 1). Many locations throughout Ohio are now reporting daily average 2- and 4-inch soil temperatures in the mid-50s to low-60s. Daily maximum soil temperatures are routinely reaching 80°F with the increasing sun angle. Warming progress is likely to slow a bit this week. While daytime highs are expected in the 70s again on Tuesday, 50s and 60s are likely behind a cold front for the remainder of the week.

    Issue: 2021-12
  5. Author(s): Aaron Wilson



    Figure 1). Multi-sensor precipitation estimates for the past 30-days ending March 14, 2021. Courtesy of the Midwest Regional Climate Center.

    Issue: 2021-06
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