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  1. Author(s): Alyssa Essman

    The 2023 OSU Weed Science Field Day will be held on Wednesday, July 12th at the Western Ag Research Station in South Charleston, OH. Registration will start at 8:30 followed by a field tour. Studies can also be viewed at your own pace. Field day topics will include new corn and soybean products, waterhemp management, and cover crop trials. To register via email or for more information contact Alyssa Essman at

    Issue: 2023-18
  2. Winter Annuals
    Author(s): Alyssa Essman

    Winter annual, biennial, and perennial weeds are starting to become more noticeable up as fields green up across the state. Identification of these species can help in planning for spring burndown programs.  


    Issue: 2023-07
  3. Author(s): Ken Ford , Author(s): Sarah Noggle

    OSU Extension invites crop producers, CCAs, and agribusinesses to attend a regional 2023 Ohio Weed University on Wednesday, March 1, or Friday, March 3 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at locations across the state.

    Locations will include:

    Issue: 2023-04
  4. Author(s): Alyssa Essman

    The War Against Weeds Podcast is back for season four! We’re in the midst of harvest which means endless cab hours, what better time to start a new series? Tune in to hear Sarah Lancaster (Kansas State University), Joe Ikley (North Dakota State University), and me as we chat with weed science and agronomy experts to discuss all things weed control.

    Issue: 2022-36
  5. Crestleaf Groundsel
    Author(s): Alyssa Essman

    In the past couple of weeks, Mark Loux and Mark Sulc gave us some good reminders about the value of fall applied herbicides.

    Issue: 2022-35


  1. 12/2020

    Ohio, Indiana and Illinois Weed Control Guide, Bulletin 789. Publication gives detailed guidance on weed control selections. Numerous tables by crop and application help producers select the best product option for their weed control situation. Hard copy and PDF available for purchase

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